Put a face to your business.

Videography is a complementary service to website design and search engine optimization. Videography makes your website personal. People visiting your site can see and hear you. People will trust you more easily. A first good impression is crucial. Your client needs to hear and feel that you know who you are and what you do. Videography in the form of short video clips  can serve three purposes:

  1. Sell your product or services.
  2. Inform your customers about your area of expertise.
  3. Share customer testimonials about products and services.

Video Clip Production

We have four different video clip options.

1. Monologue or Sales Pitch

The first form of videography, our most popular one, is the monologue or sales pitch. It lasts 30 seconds to three minutes. The videography session is straightforward and casual. It can be done in the intimacy of your own home, office or any place of your choice. The video clip educates your clients about the product you sell, your services, and the extra mile you would go for them. It is important for them to experience that you care. Shine and attract clients who need exactly what you have to offer.

2. Interview

The second videography option comes in the form of an interview lasting three, five, to ten minutes. A list of questions and answers are prepared as a guideline for the interview. During the filming either one member of your staff or one of our crew members will go through the list of questions with you. If desired, the interviewer can be edited out and the questions replaced by visual titles introducing each new segment. The videography session can be set up in your home, work place, office, or a place of your choice.

3. Testimonial

The third videography option is a testimonial where one or few of your clients (one at a time) can express, for one or two minutes, their experience with your services, how beneficial it was for them to work with you, and why they would recommend you to others. The testimonial can be filmed with you and your client or with your client alone. The monologue or dialogue can be spontaneous or can be prepared in advance. The choice is yours.

4. Virtual Tour

The fourth videography option is a virtual tour of your workplace; your factory, office, property on the market, lodging, garage, showroom, or kitchen. Show the materials and tools that you use, give the viewer an experience of your product or service. The filming session usually lasts a maximum of ninety minutes to produce a 5 to 10 minutes virtual tour (video tour). The use of photographs and background music are included with this option. All four options include taking and editing professional photos as well as basic text, image, and sound editing. Images, and music can be inserted at the beginning and the end of the clip.

Basic or Advanced Editing

With basic editing we will produce a simple video clip, without split, text, images, or music.
With advanced editing we will produce a video clip with precisely split parts of the frame, inserted text, transitions, images and sound.

The price varies based on whether videography is a stand-alone production or complementary to website design. The price also depends on the length of session and the time spent editing.

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