Creative Logo Design

Be recognizable through creative logo design

Creative logo design is important for your small business website design for several reasons. A good logo makes your business recognizable and stand out from the crowd. It creates brand familiarity. It unifies your web and printed marketing materials. It makes you look good. Creative logo design is a service offered complementary to website design and search engine optimization.

Creative logo design burns into your memory

A creative logo conceptualizes your company name, your culture and identity, your message and values, your product and services. A brand was first used to burn a letter or symbol into the hides of livestock. In modern times a creative logo burns your business image onto the retina of your customer’s eye and is stored into their long term memory. When someone introduces themselves to you. What are you most likely to remember? Their name or their face? The same with the logo. An image is burnt into the long term memory.

As humans we identify with images on a mental and emotional level. We began abstract communication by scratching drawings on rock walls before words were invented. For most civilizations these pictograms evolved into letters, words, and languages while some of our oldest and advanced civilizations (e.a. China) fully developed and extended their language through pictograms. They never switched to words. And civilizations who have for millennia used words, still accompanied their written texts with illustrations. For effective communication and fast digestion of information, we are switching back to icons on our desktop, tablet, and mobile phone applications. The faster our minds grab an whole idea the better it is.

Creative logo design creates familiarity, loyalty, and trust

As described above, a logo is an image that is stored in the long term memory. The image is ‘burnt’ into the sub conscious leading to brand  recognition. After significant encounters with the logo a person starts to recognize the logo. The image has become familiar. This familiarity is the first step in developing trust and loyalty with the brand.  Trust and loyalty solidify through personal or shared experiences with the product and service. These experiences become associated with the ‘burned’ image and stored in its associated memory folder. In other words, your potential customers have now converted into actual customers and are building a relationship with you and your brand.

Creative logo design looks good

A creative logo improves the look of your printed and online marketing materials. A creative logo is one or a combination of company name, type treatment, color, catch phrase, and image. The company name is set in an appealing type which aesthetically establishes your company’s character.  It tells whether your company is progressive or conservative, friendly or classy, and can imply a lot of other traits. The color of your logo communicates your temperament, warm or cool, laid back or aggressive, and can arouse a variety of emotions.  A slogan or catch phrase defines a core value and reveals what you do or how you do it. Finally an image can be created with type only, a small image can replace or add to a letter, or the type can be combined with an abstract image, illustration, or photo. There are infinite possibilities for a good creative logo.


Creative Logo Design Process

Before designing your logo we ask you a couple of questions to make the right decisions, know your aesthetic expectations, and guarantee the logo to communicate all that your business stands for.
Then we create three to five prototypes, each with several variations to offer the best fitting solution.
We ask for feedback, do some refining, before you sign off on a definite version of the logo.
To complete the process, we make web and print applications of the logo, each in color, black and white, against a color background, and when surrounded by other elements on a page.
We write a short usage guide and provide you with a CD containing all logo folders and files.

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