Small Business Website Design Baraboo and Madison

Be Seen

At Bright Clear Design we understand the importance of an online presence for small business owners and independent professionals. We approach the task with practical knowledge and open mind. We are creative people who design, shoot, and write with clarity and sophistication. 

  • To have a domain name,  a host,  and a website. To make easy changes, while having support when things get tricky.
  • Your logo stands out, the lay-out is bright. The photos and slides are beautiful.
  • Your headlines bold, your pages crisp, and everything is easy to find.
  • A video plays and when you meet face to face, the client feels she already knows you.
  • She fills out a form, asks for an estimate, emails or calls.
  • He reads what makes you better or learns what makes you different.
  • Share your address now with friends, customers, or clients. Let people share and link to your articles, photos, videos, products, and services your website. Let them like your social media pages, and let them share about you on theirs.

Be Heard

Bright Clear Design builds its small business website design success on clear communication, friendliness, honesty, integrity, and patience. Our business approach makes our message. And like us, you want your message heard.

Good marketing copy, photo and video:

  • Demonstrate personal qualities invaluable to potential clients
  • Display unique features of your product or service
  • Entertain your audience with authentic voice
  • Establish authority in your field of expertise
  • Inform about your industry’s best practices
  • Welcome your customer, employee, or visitor to your store, workplace, or website

To be heard, first identify the issues your clients face. Then lead them to the appropriate solution. Share your knowledge, offer your support, then call for action.

Be Found

 Are you seen? Are you heard? These are the questions. But their answer rests on a third: are you found?

A published website does not give competitive edge. Tremendous online traffic and competition makes it necessary to optimize your website for searches on the internet. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, directs a stream of potential clients who are ready to hire or buy to your website.

To match specific searches with your brand, product, service, and place of business is a serious marketing effort.

  • With what words and phrases do you want to be found?
  • Yet what terms do people actually type in when they search?
  • Which have the most volume?
  • Which have the least competition?
  • Which will bring you the business that you need?

For these terms we optimize. Attract and direct people to your website. Once they visit, engage them as best you can. Build trust and turn visitors into clients who will call, email, hire, or buy from you.

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Small Business Website Design Madison

Bright Clear Design is a small business Web Design and Search Engine Optimization company serving Baraboo, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, and out-of-state clients.

Our Mission:

To provide small businesses, independent professionals, and non-profit organizations with affordable and easy to use websites. To design recognizable logos. To shoot attractive photo and video. To write effective marketing copy. And finally to improve findability for searches on the internet.

Call Us:

  • For a free small business website design estimate or evaluation of your website.
  • To meet face to face and to answer questions about our services.
  • To build a new website, to make updates to your website, or to have your website redone.
  • To make your website findable for local, and mobile searches
  • To increase your local visibility on social media business pages and local directories, sources for review, blogs, and other publications.
  • To write your marketing copy, design your logo, take photos, or shoot video-clips.
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