Other Services

Next to website design and search engine optimization we offer a short range of complementary services. Each complementary service is offered because of specific needs clients expressed during our years of being in business.

Content Writing

There are many good reasons why good quality contents are important for a website. We developed an effective content writing process to produce these very contents. From a face to face interview with our client and a transcription of the recording, we rewrite, format, and optimize text for your web pages.

Custom Logo Design

We offer custom logo design for two main reasons. First of all, a website looks a lot better with a professionally designed logo. Whether our client already has a great logo or hires us to design their custom logo, we are happy either way. A logo is a great starting point for design decisions around colors, fonts and lay-out of the website. And for you our client a crisp logo and a good looking and well working website makes your company stand out. It communicates your product or service, tells us what you are about, and unifies all your marketing materials.

Photo and Video

Everyone loves quality photos and engaging video clips. Professional photography and videography help to get your message across, beautifully and personally. After watching the video clip on the homepage of your website a potential customer will easily get the feeling that they know you and more likely to trust you and buy from or hire you.

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