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Of all approaches towards website design we choose to use Content Management Systems for all of our projects. We will explain why we use CMS and why CMS Website Design is future proof in the article below. Then why from all the CMS’s did we choose WordPress? We did a little research to answer this question and found that from all CMS websites, WordPress powers 58.1%. Joomla follows far behind as a second with 6.7%. The rest of over fifty other CMS’s, only 1% each. Thus the numbers speak for themselves. WordPress is the standard CMS far into the foreseeable future.

Web developer community to stay with and ahead of our times

WordPress CMS Website Design is backed by a global community of hundreds of thousands of developers. As part of this community these developers are dedicated to improve themes, plug-ins and translations with consistency, constancy. This unmatched pool of developers this way are committed to WordPress’ survival and success. Therefore they guarantee that your website stays with and ahead of our times.

Google loves WordPress

CMS Website Design WordPressWordPress as a CMS Website Design platform is love child to the dominant search engine, Google. Google itself takes a global market share of 66.74% in the search engine industry, Bing 10.80%, Yahoo 10.05%, and Baidu 9.24%.

Now Google loves WordPress because of its simple and logical architecture.  Also because WordPress is text based and was created as a blogging tool. As such WordPress and Google both aim to serve high quality and relevant content to global and local audiences.

But Google loves WordPress most of all because it has all the capabilities to optimize structure and content for human visitors and for search engine robots. With the use of WordPress therefore, we can offer our affordable web design packages and small business SEO services.

Responsive design for all screens, tablets, and smartphones

WordPress CMS Website Design is responsive to all desk and lap-top computers and to tablet and smart phones’ screen sizes alike. The premium themes we use have intelligent grid lay-out structures. Because of this grid structure, navigation and content folds in three columns for wider screens,in two columns for smaller computers, lap-tops, and tablets, and in one column for narrow smart phone screens. In this responsive design; all text, images, links, and other media remain viewable when your screen-size decreases as you switch from your computer to your tablet or phone. Lay-out responsiveness further eliminates the need to build a separate mobile website.

One-click theme and functionality updates

Our CMS website design software demonstrates its ‘future proofness’ on all levels of use. We used to work with Joomla. Every year or so Joomla releases a new tiered version which requires an elaborate migration from the old to the new version. WordPress however updates their versions more frequently and gradually. Therefore both quality and security increases. Our hosting environment makes it even easier. Bluehost makes the updates of the website software automatically. But even manually it takes only one click. Everything within the workspace is set-up in a simple fashion. We can update not only the website software, but also its themes and plug-ins with one click.

Compatible for visual and audio browsers

Our CMS website design has all the code files to ensure that the website is compatible with all internet browsers. Because each browser translates the code of a website into a slightly different view, some browsers are better than others to represent the designers true intentions for the elements on a web page. A good content management system and its themes therefore include browser specific files. Because our CMS premium themes contain these files all our websites are automatically browser com­pat­i­ble. Then as part of our SEO services, we also make website contents accessible for the blind and visually impaired.

Future Proof

To sum up. We chose the CMS market leader WordPress. As such we take advantage of its broad developers community.
Then we optimize our websites for Google, the leader of all search engines.
We further provide responsive design and can update technology with one click. Plus we insure browser compatibility and accessibility through the use of our preferred Content Management System and our SEO services. Lets say it in one sentence now. Bright Clear Design delivers future proof CMS website design.

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