Easy to Use Website Design

Bright Clear Design offers easy to use website design.

We explained inexpensive website design. Another primary benefit of our services is easy to use website design. It goes hand in hand with our affordable web design and search engine optimization services.

Both developer and client benefit

True easy to use website design means that both developer and client benefit. With most other website design companies, building custom websites combines elaborate development with tremendous costs. First of all you pay a lot of money for a company to build it. And second of all after it is built it is impossible or at best complex to manage it.

Sometimes things get even worse. We have a client who paid a sales representative of another web development company $3600 to build a website. That is a lot of money for a small business. And  if that is not bad enough. The development company never delivered the website. My client is still fighting to get their money back.

In another case, a client got their website published. But they could not make their own changes. After the website development company went out of business they could no longer effect changes.

Bright Clear Design has several safeguards in place so these things won’t befall our clients. We can hand over as much control over the website as you choose. On your request, we will grant access to the control panel and the files on the web server.

Next to being cost-effective and easy to use, we create your website a lot quicker. Once we receive all your contents and information, we can build and publish your website within two weeks.

Intuitive and easy workspace

Because we build on an easy to use platform, we automatically hand over an intuitive and easy workspace. You will encounter an intuitive workspace similar to Apple for computers or Prius for cars; compact and user-friendly. Our software is light. The server is burdened only with necessary files to make the website do what it needs to. On this barebones framework we only install plug-ins accredited through multiple sales, reviews, and downloads.


Our easy to use website design workspace is very simple. You can make changes without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. If you already know a text editing program such as Word, it will be easy to edit a page or post. You can write without the distraction of panels, or edit with basic typography options.


The framework is light. You have access to millions of plug-ins. And you can extend the website any time after it is published. You can add pages, install functionality, or give the website a whole new jacket. Easy to use website design can therefore keep pace with a company’s natural growth and development.

Multiple users

With our easy to use website design we can create multiple user accounts for agents, staff. or volunteers. We can match these accounts with level of responsibility or savviness.

Third party services integration

Bright Clear Design’s easy to use website design software integrates with most third party services, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, PayPal, Flickr. It also integrates with all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. We can even embed customized code that your dealership or corporate headquarters provide.

Search Friendly

Google search engines favor the use of WordPress over all other website software. Because WordPress is light weight and contains only the bare minimum of files in order to function, it is easy for search engine robots and for actual human beings to discover your website’s contents and structure. Therefore even without paying for search engine optimization you will have an advantage over other bulkier websites.

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