Easy to Use Website Design

Bright Clear Design offers easy to use website design.

We explained inex­pen­sive web­site design. Anoth­er pri­ma­ry ben­e­fit of our ser­vices is easy to use web­site design. It goes hand in hand with our afford­able web design and search engine opti­miza­tion ser­vices.

Both developer and client benefit

True easy to use web­site design means that both devel­op­er and client ben­e­fit. With most oth­er web­site design com­pa­nies, build­ing cus­tom web­sites com­bines elab­o­rate devel­op­ment with tremen­dous costs. First of all you pay a lot of mon­ey for a com­pa­ny to build it. And sec­ond of all after it is built it is impos­si­ble or at best com­plex to man­age it.

Some­times things get even worse. We have a client who paid a sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive of anoth­er web devel­op­ment com­pa­ny $3600 to build a web­site. That is a lot of mon­ey for a small busi­ness. And  if that is not bad enough. The devel­op­ment com­pa­ny nev­er deliv­ered the web­site. My client is still fight­ing to get their mon­ey back.

In anoth­er case, a client got their web­site pub­lished. But they could not make their own changes. After the web­site devel­op­ment com­pa­ny went out of busi­ness they could no longer effect changes.

Bright Clear Design has sev­er­al safe­guards in place so these things won’t befall our clients. We can hand over as much con­trol over the web­site as you choose. On your request, we will grant access to the con­trol pan­el and the files on the web serv­er.

Next to being cost-effec­tive and easy to use, we cre­ate your web­site a lot quick­er. Once we receive all your con­tents and infor­ma­tion, we can build and pub­lish your web­site with­in two weeks.

Intuitive and easy workspace

Because we build on an easy to use plat­form, we auto­mat­i­cal­ly hand over an intu­itive and easy work­space. You will encounter an intu­itive work­space sim­i­lar to Apple for com­put­ers or Prius for cars; com­pact and user-friend­ly. Our soft­ware is light. The serv­er is bur­dened only with nec­es­sary files to make the web­site do what it needs to. On this bare­bones frame­work we only install plug-ins accred­it­ed through mul­ti­ple sales, reviews, and down­loads.


Our easy to use web­site design work­space is very sim­ple. You can make changes with­out any knowl­edge of HTML or CSS. If you already know a text edit­ing pro­gram such as Word, it will be easy to edit a page or post. You can write with­out the dis­trac­tion of pan­els, or edit with basic typog­ra­phy options.


The frame­work is light. You have access to mil­lions of plug-ins. And you can extend the web­site any time after it is pub­lished. You can add pages, install func­tion­al­i­ty, or give the web­site a whole new jack­et. Easy to use web­site design can there­fore keep pace with a com­pa­ny’s nat­ur­al growth and devel­op­ment.

Multiple users

With our easy to use web­site design we can cre­ate mul­ti­ple user accounts for agents, staff. or vol­un­teers. We can match these accounts with lev­el of respon­si­bil­i­ty or savvi­ness.

Third party services integration

Bright Clear Design’s easy to use web­site design soft­ware inte­grates with most third par­ty ser­vices, such as YouTube, Sound­Cloud, Pay­Pal, Flickr. It also inte­grates with all social media chan­nels such as Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. We can even embed cus­tomized code that your deal­er­ship or cor­po­rate head­quar­ters pro­vide.

Search Friendly

Google search engines favor the use of Word­Press over all oth­er web­site soft­ware. Because Word­Press is light weight and con­tains only the bare min­i­mum of files in order to func­tion, it is easy for search engine robots and for actu­al human beings to dis­cov­er your web­site’s con­tents and struc­ture. There­fore even with­out pay­ing for search engine opti­miza­tion you will have an advan­tage over oth­er bulki­er web­sites.