Local Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Baraboo, SEO Madison

Let customers find you through our Small Business SEO services.

Through our local search engine optimization services and small business SEO services we aim to list you on the first search results page above your main competitors.



Can potential customers see you? Can they hear you? Can they find you?

A published website by itself does not give you competitive edge. Tremendous online traffic and competition, makes it necessary to optimize your website for searches on the internet. Search Engine Optimization springs from this need. And because we mostly serve small local businesses we provide Local Search Engine Optimization Services and Small Business SEO Services. Our SEO services, and because we are a local business ourselves, our SEO Baraboo and SEO Madison services will therefore direct an increasing stream of potential clients, ready to hire or buy, to your website.


Search engine optimization is a serious marketing effort!

It takes a serious marketing effort to match specific searches with your brand, product, service, and place of business. Let us first consider the words and phrases which potential customers may use to find you. Aside from these terms we check reality. What terms do people actually type in when they perform their searches? Which searches occur most often? And which of them have the least competition? Finally are these searches specific and relevant enough to bring you the business you need? For these terms we will optimize your content and your website. And this is merely the key word research aspect of our SEO services. Keep reading to learn more about other aspects of our small business SEO services.


Small business SEO services; attract visitors and turn them into customers

Writing and producing engaging and accessible content does more than attract visitors to your website. You will also inspire owners of blogs, publications, and managers from other websites to link to yours. These links then are votes of confidence and will increase your ranking in the search engines. Because social signals play an important role in search ranking we will make your website content shareable. Almost all of us publishes content several times a day. We do this by commenting, liking, linking, and sharing other people’s content on social media. By producing high quality and shareable content you can gain valuable links back to your website.

To summarize, the goal of search engine optimization is to attract and direct people to your website. Then once they visit, to engage them as best you can. You need to make it easy for the visitor to find what he is looking for and what he expects to find. He or she needs to intuitively understand the structure, navigation, and lay-out of your website. Furthermore he or she needs your information, calls to action, and contact information to be clear and easy to find. A quality visit to your website therefore, instills trust. And someone who trusts you will likely turn into a client who calls, emails, hires, and buys from you.


Quick facts about search engine optimization

The Website is the most effective of all online channels that marketers invested in, in 2014.  The website is (81%) effective, followed by Email (71%), SEO (54%) and Social (41%).
What is crucial to know is that
93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of those users never scroll past the first page of search results.
Of all the devices people use, 91% use a desktop to search the internet, 80% use a smartphone, 47% use a tablet, and 37% even use a games console.
60% of all Internet activity in the US originates from mobile devices and about half of the total Internet Traffic flows through mobile apps.
People conduct 50% of all mobile searches in hopes of finding local results. And 61% of those searches result in a purchase.


Local Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Baraboo and SEO Madison

Local Search Engine Optimization Services, Small Business Services, SEO Baraboo, SEO MadisonSmall business professionals benefit most from receiving phone calls from local searches. These local searches then specify the product or service and the area the business is in. For example our service and therefore our keyword is SEO. And we like to do business in Baraboo and Madison. Then when we combine the service with the area we like to do business in, the key phrase SEO Baraboo and SEO Madison result.

Furthermore, mobile devices are responsible for the majority of these searches. As you can see in the quick facts above, people who search with mobile devices are doing so to find local results. The results of mobile searches therefore have a much greater chance to convert into business. We combined our experience with these facts and made a vital decision for our client’s as well as our own success. We integrated our generic search engine optimization approach with local SEO.


As part of our local search engine optimization services we do all of the following:

We create sitemaps and tracking tools. Then we perform keyword research for both generic as local keywords. We optimize all your content as well as all the url’s, titles, headings, images, and other elements on your website. Then we work on getting links back to your website. Finally we test and track your search results.

We integrate these generic steps with more specific local SEO actions. This integration makes for a beneficial detour from the website and finally back to the website once again.

As part of our local search engine optimization services and small business SEO services, we start with thorough research of your main five local competitors. Then we research ideal search terms for your area of business. We proceed by creating social media business pages on Facebook and Google. After which we list your contact information consistently on eight of the top directories.

Then we create profile pages on top lead and review websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. We further refine this selection of  lead and review profile pages with listing which are specific to your industry. We offer all this on a cost-effective small business budget.

Through our small business SEO services and local search engine optimization services we optimize so that internet searches will find you first, rank you higher, and get you more business.


Found First

  • A Facebook business page will give you immediate visibility.
  • A Google My Business page will give you immediate findability.
  • Pin your business on Google Maps. Connect through with Google Plus, Reviews, and Insights.
  • People who are interested in your product or services will find you.
  • Gain local advantage over your main competitors.


Rank Higher

  • Increase your ranking in search results.
  • Get high quality links to your website.
  • Receive phone calls from searches on mobile devices.
  • Searches with local intent will find you.
  • Be found and be found first.


More Business

  • Be listed on the top five review and lead generation websites.
  • Get leads, links, and reviews from a customized variety of local business directories.
  • Let customers who are ready to buy, find you.

We perform an extensive list of actions as part of this package. Take a Look!


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