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Bastiaan Berende

Web designer and search engine optimization specialist Bastiaan Berende serves small business website design and SEO clients in the Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, and Madison area. Native of the Netherlands he has lived in the United States for 16 years and pledged allegiance to the United States five years ago. He came to the US enrolled in a spiritual program based on A Course in Miracles.


As part of this program he rendered his services to the Web Office of the New Christian Church. Here he was trained as a graphic and web designer by John Oldham and his Web Office team. Bastiaan learned about graphic design principles, color theory, architecture, organization, and lay-out trends. He also learned how to work with art, graphics, and photos, about typography, and coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. He was taught how to use graphic, publisher, and web designer programs such as Color Wheel Pro, Adobe Acrobat,Dreamweaver, In Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop.


He also learned to work with content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress and built and maintained several blogs and websites. He further practiced and integrated his skills when in a period of eight years he created and ran a successful spiritual education program. He started with a weekly class on location and developed it into an international online and offline outreach program. The curriculum and its materials were made available in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Polish.  The goal of the program was to help students to have a true experience of A Course in Miracles, by teaching it. He also supported the Church with graphic design, website design, and content creation for several conferences, projects, blogs, websites, and online courses.


Web Designer Experience

As soon as he left the church he started working as a web designer for Kira Brooks Design. During these three years he learned about working with small business clients and witnessing to her success inspired him to start his own business.


Bright Clear Design was officially founded in March 2012. Bastiaan started his business by dedicating the time between his early morning and late afternoon rides as a school-bus driver. To launch and grow his business he became a member of BNI “Networking for Success” in Reedsburg. Here he received referrals for his first small business clients. Then in 2014 he joined another business networking group in Baraboo. Next to giving and gaining business referrals within those groups, he mastered presentation and social skills, learned about best business practices, and found support to move forward in his business.


Web Designer Growth

Bastiaan recognized the importance of a great looking logo for a website’s professional appeal and visual design. For businesses without or with an outdated logo he offers custom logo design as a complementary service.

In the beginning the catchphrase was Bright Clear Design “For Good Looking and Well Working Websites”. But through correspondence with his clients Bastiaan soon discovered that next to having a good looking and well performing website, it is of equal or even more importance to be findable on the internet. What is the use of a great website when no one, other than who already has your website address, can find you.


Bastiaan went back to the drawing board and studied and practiced Search Engine Optimization. He now offers several SEO packages and optimization for local visibility. Then because of a better user experience and advantages for search engine optimization he switched from Joomla to WordPress as his website software. For more about the advantages of WordPress Website Design visit our website design page. My business catch phrase therefore became: Bright Clear Design for affordable, easy to use, and future proof websites, findable for searches on the internet. Click the following links to learn more about  inexpensive website design, easy to use website design, and futureproof CMS websites.


An additional skill Bastiaan developed is content writing. He spots spelling and grammatical mistakes in a glance, and strengthens sentences with minor tweaks. Some clients would keep him waiting for months before sending him their text contents. Not everyone has the time or ambition to do their own writing. As a result of his clients’ writers block and the newly acknowledged kingly status of content on the internet, he invented a smart process for producing content. Without duplicating or rehashing contents from other sources he found a way to produce personable information directly drawing from clients’ knowledge and experience. Content writing now complements both his website design and SEO services.


To hone all his professional web designer, and search engine optimization skills he continually reads books, studies articles, and takes web designer online university courses on lynda.com. Bastiaan’s wife Cecile as you can read more about under “about the photographer” tab provides the complementary services of photography and video clip production. Therefore, Bright Clear Design covers the essential range of online marketing services to small business, independent professionals and non-profit organizations. View our web design portfolio or read testimonials from satisfied clients to gain more confidence about working with us. Or simply get started on your way towards a published and findable website.



Next to his design work, Bastiaan is active in personal healing and growth work. He meditates, like to bicycle, swim, and take long walks with his lovely wife. He is happily married to a beautiful french woman Cecile, and through his marriage he became step dad to a wonderfully bright and creative eleven year old girl Kimia. Bastiaan does men’s growth work and a couple of times a year visits prisons as part of the Truth Project.



Because of his interests and professional background Bastiaan has affinity and specializes in websites for:

  • Small business
  • Non-Profits
  • Ministers
  • Financial Agents
  • Restaurants
  • Music, art, and photography
  • Personal growth, recovery, and spirituality


Thank you for thinking of us to build, host, and support your website, and for making it findable for searches on the internet. Ask us to design your custom logo, proofread, rewrite, produce text content or provide professional photography and videography.

About Photographer

bc-1103My name is Cecile Boutier and this is how photography has worked through my life. My mother was the first person who brought the idea that a 3D object can be perceived, observed, absorbed and reproduced onto a piece of paper. She would draw portraits of me or my brother. Fruits she would leave on our dining room table for decoration. Wild flowers she would collect from the forest. The vase and balls she would use and paint to hold the fruits and flower.


I remember being fascinated and at the age of four trying to do what my mother was able to do with her adult mind and skills. I felt so frustrated I was not able to achieve it as well as she did.


My father’s sister also an artist went to the same art school in Paris as my mother and became so talented in taking photographs. Capturing details or situations and emotion that no else could see. She was able to catch my attention at the early age when I saw in the frames attached to her walls how she would play with light and shadow, shapes and textures. In seeing her art in her apartment in Versailles inspired me to look at life and objects in a way that today I can only feel gratitude for.


I was probably 6 years old when a relationship and a deep passion that I felt for photography came alive in me. A seed was planted in my mind and caught my attention to what I believe showed me a different dimension about myself. The first time I ever saw myself and what I looked like was when a nun at school showed me a picture of me. She said, “do you know who this beautiful little girl is?” I looked at the photograph she handed to me and while I was staring at the little girl I remember vividly thinking , wow this little girl is very beautiful.


I stopped and searched in my mind to see if I knew her from somewhere. But nothing came to me. I told the nun, no I do not know who this little girl is and she smiled and she said this little girl is you. I looked at the picture again and I could not believe it. I thought she was teasing me and playing a game with me. But no she was serious. I fell in love with the photograph and I said thank you to it for seeing me so beautiful. From this moment I not only discovered something I did not know before but was also mesmerised by the idea I had an image that not only others could see but that I could see as well. I realised everyone could see an image of him or herself, which intrigued me at the time.


At the age of 14 years old I was introduced to the lab we had in my school and I was given a camera to experiment with. I loved spending time in the lab, taking the film out of the box in a dark space and seeing images I took coming alive on white glossy paper. The light, the wait, the set up, the chemicals, the mystery, and the art to me was like a concert concluding at the end of its long performance to let us know the story was over.


Most of the pictures I took at the time were at the stable when my friend and I were riding and learning all about horses camera and photo lab. I learned all about the camera, how to use it, and how to capture what I really love or what others love.
Then later in life as I took the option of French cinema at university, I went to Lyon Lumiere in France and I learned all the hard and boring but necessary tools about a camera and photography.
Lyon Lumiere specialises in photography and languages, the two subjects I was fascinated with.
I dropped the world around photography until my daughter was born. Then I decided to be a photographer and to practice with baby pictures and children, families, animals, and landscapes. I traveled all over and captured all that I saw and thought magnificent to my eyes so I could share it with you.