Website Design Support and Hosting

Once the web­site is built, we will host it for you. As part of both our web­site design host­ing and our web­site design sub­scrip­tion plan, we pro­vide free tech­ni­cal web­site design sup­port and host­ing. We fur­ther cre­ate reg­u­lar back-ups, per­form all soft­ware updates, and thus keep your web­site up-to-date and secure.

Website Design Support

Edit your Content

Using open source con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems such as Word­Press, basic main­te­nance is sim­ple and easy. We can teach you how to keep your con­tent up to date and to man­age sim­ple tasks. We will pro­vide you with a writ­ten man­u­al and/or video tuto­r­i­al, and if request­ed a face to face class. For tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties and sim­ple admin­is­tra­tive tasks, we offer free sup­port. To renew text, images, links or oth­er con­tent, to extend your func­tion­al­i­ty, or change visu­al design on your web­site, we charge an afford­able hourly rate.

Website Design Hosting

Unless your com­pa­ny has its own serv­er, host­ing is a con­tin­ued expense. Host­ing is pro­vid­ed by web host­ing com­pa­nies that sell domains (web­site address­es) and store all your web­site files on a web serv­er. These web hosts charge a month­ly or year­ly fee for their ser­vices.

If you want to host the web­site through your serv­er or web host we can launch our soft­ware from there ( I rec­om­mend Godad­dy or Blue­host). But spare your­self the headache of the tech­ni­cal details and let us host your web­site for you. We will hot you on a Vir­tu­al Pri­vate Serv­er which is faster and bet­ter than shared host­ing solu­tions. On our basic host­ing plan we per­form reg­u­lar back­ups of all data and files of the web­site, we update all Word­Press, Theme, and Plu­g­in soft­ware, and we pro­vide free tech­ni­cal sup­port. As part of our advanced host­ing plan we also pub­lish your web­site on an https address with a SSL cer­tifi­cate. This encrypts all data exchanged through the web­site and has google flag your web­site as secure. The advanced host­ing plan also includes web­site per­for­mance and speed opti­miza­tion.

Host­ing is an addi­tion­al cost for one time pur­chase pack­ages but it is includ­ed in our web­site design and SEO sub­scrip­tion plans.

Website Design Maintenance

Even though our easy to use web­site design empow­ers you to renew your con­tent, you may not have the time or will­ing­ness to do so. We offer to update or renew any con­tent, func­tion­al­i­ty, or visu­al design on your web­site for an afford­able hourly rate.

Each time you want to change some­thing call or email us. We will per­form the task and bill you quar­ter­ly for the exact time we spent.