Website Design Support and Hosting

website design support and hostingOnce the website is built, we will host it for you. As part of both our website design hosting and our website design subscription plan, we provide free technical website design support and hosting. We further create regular back-ups, perform all software updates, and thus keep your website up-to-date and secure.


Website Design Support; Edit your Content

Using open source content management systems such as WordPress, basic maintenance is simple and easy. We can teach you how to keep your content up to date and to manage simple tasks. We will provide you with a written manual and/or video tutorial, and if requested a face to face class. For technical difficulties and simple administrative tasks, we offer free support. To renew text, images, links or other content, to extend your functionality, or change visual design on your website, we charge an affordable hourly rate.


Website Design Hosting

Unless your company has its own server, hosting is a continued expense. Hosting is provided by web hosting companies that sell domains (website addresses) and store all your website files on a web server. These web hosts charge a monthly or yearly fee for their services.

If you want to host the website through your server or web host we can launch our software from there ( I recommend Godaddy or Bluehost). But spare yourself the headache of the technical details and let us host your website for you. Complimentary to the hosting plan we perform updates and upgrades of the website’s software and provide technical support.


Website Design Maintenance

Even though our easy to use website design empowers you to renew your content, you may not have the time or willingness to do so. We offer to update or renew any content, functionality, or visual design on your website for an affordable hourly rate.

Each time you want to change something call or email us. We will perform the task and bill you quarterly for the exact time we spent.



For a yearly fee of $120, we host your website, renew your domain, and perform the updates and upgrades within the website’s software. And if you don’t have the time, we can make the changes for you.

Hosting is an additional cost for one time purchase packages but it is included in our website design subscription plans.


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