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What we do and how we do it!

To see more than a sliced screen­shot of the website, click on the slide image of the web design portfolio above. This will open to a new tab in your browser showing the actual website of one of our clients.

Familiarity, theme, and style

web design portfolioTo manage our own and our clients’ expectations around website design we will ask if you are familiar with our work. Therefore we are proud to present our web design portfolio. It can guide both you and us to discover what feel or overall look you are going for.

You can pick one or more of the examples you like from our web design portfolio or you can send us examples from other websites you like. If you choose to send us examples of websites you discovered on the internet, it would be nice to have a mix of examples from the same industry as well as from a different business category. This will help us find the right theme and style for your website.

Add and subtract

The reference examples of our web design portfolio will lead to ask us the right questions. You can use any example and add or subtract elements from it and clarify your wants for your own website. You can send us examples by email or you can mention examples when you fill out our free quote form.

Temporary address for review

To prevent disappointments and to empower our clients to play an active part in the web design process, we provide a temporary address. With this temporary address you can follow progress on the website. We send the temporary link for your first review. During that first review you can comment on and request changes concerning color, functionality, lay-out, navigation, and text of the website.

We will make the changes as indicated and present the website for a second review. During this review we will also ask for your cooperation to test new email addresses, forms, and other functionality. Once all issues are resolved we publish the website by moving it from the temporary to its permanent website address On the temporary address only our client and ourselves can see it. On the permanent address everyone with an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile device can now see it.


So be our guest and see if our work meets your expectations. Through transparency in our processes and outcomes we come to work in close relationship with a select group of satisfied clients. You can also visit our review and testimonial page to find what other people say about us.


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