Web Design Madison and Baraboo

Bright Clear Design; Web Design Madison and Web Design Baraboo, provides inexpensiveeasy to use, and future proof basic website design as well as advanced and e-commerce web design packages.



Web Design Madison and Baraboo

Our websites are inexpensive because we offer a free evaluation, quote, and consultation. Using WordPress furthermore saves a lot of time and money.


Inexpensive Website Design


Easy to Use

Web Design Madison and Baraboo

Our software has simple navigation and an intuitive workspace. Once published you can make changes to your own website.


Easy to Use Website Design


Futureproof CMS

Web Design Madison and Baraboo

Our websites are compatible with all browsers and can be read by people with disabilities. They are also responsive and automatically adapt to all screen sizes and devices.


Future Proof CMS Website Design

Web Design Packages

Learn about features and functions of our web design packages below.  In the advanced web design packages column we list only the additional features and functionality to the basic web design packages.

basic web design packages; basic website design You can register your domain through GoDaddy or we can register and manage it for you.

We host your website through Bluehost or you can keep your own hosting account. If we host your website, we will create a custom control-panel. If for whatever reason things don’t work out, you can transfer your website files to a new provider.

Our web design packages are powered by WordPress CMS (Content Management System). The look and lay-out is created through a premium WordPress theme. All web design packages have extensive functionality through WordPress’ free and premium software.

All additional styling is done with a child theme. This prevents changes to be erased when any of the website software is updated.



  • Basic Website Design with 1-8 pages
  • 5-20 links
  • Calls to action
  • Name and email capture
  • Slideshow or portfolio
  • Vdeo embed
  • Contact page with contact information, google map, and secure contact form
  • Quote form, service request form, or other custom form
  • 1-3 forwarded email accounts
  • Main and secondary navigation
  • Choice of one additional plug-in (blog, social community, document download, events calendar, forum, jobs posting, newsflash, PayPal button, testimonials)
  • Connect, share, and stream your social media.


  • 8-20 pages
  • 20-50 links
  • Calls to action
  • Multiple audio and  video embeds
  • Contact page: contact information, google map with multiple locations, multiple staff contact forms
  • Multiple forms: quote form, service request form, survey, other custom forms
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Top, main, and secondary navigation
  • Blog, forum, or social platform
  • Photo-gallery or product display
  • Choice of additional functionality (document download, events calendar, jobs posting, newsflash, PayPal button, testimonials, live-chat, appointment scheduler, etc.)
  • Hidden resource page or membership website with user log-ins


  • Basic Website Design Ecommerce Package of 1-20 products with 5 categories
  • Advanced Ecommerce Package of 20-50 products with 10 categories
  • Home page, main product page, or sidebar displays product categories and shopping cart
  • Each product category page displays products within that category
  • Each product page shows the product, pricing, and description
  • Intuitive shopping cart
  • Smooth and secure check out
  • Choice of payment gateway is amazon payments or PayPal
  • Secure financial transactions
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