Content Writing

There is a lot of competition. Many businesses located in your area try to be visible amidst a myriad of signs and billboards, bulk paper advertising and mail. Online, you have to get listed on main business directories such as Yelp, White, Yellow, and Super pages, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s list and more. Potential clients will think your business more credible, professional, and trustworthy with a published website. But even though you have a website, your main competitors will most likely have one too.  Is sufficient to merely list your products, services, and contact information? Or do you need to provide additional information to attract a wider audience?


content writingThe internet is synonym for the information age, where content is king. People search the internet with desktops, lap tops, tablets, and smart phones. They search solutions to specific problems and answers to urgent questions. Most of these ‘searchers’ may have never even heard of your business. And with that knowledge, a lot of information on the web competes with yours. Merely listing your name, address, phone number, product and service may not be enough to attract people looking for answers. It may also not be enough to convince Google that you are the expert in your niche or business category.


People and search engines alike, want easy to understand contents which directly deal with the issue typed into the search engine. So rather than listing facts and features, you have to meet your audience and provide the solution to the problems they are facing. Through content writing, these potential customers will know and feel that they came to the right place and hire your service or buy your product.


People go on the internet to feel connected with your message. Information is best digested when it is easy to read and presented in a personal manner. It is important for them that you understand them and are familiar with their problem. They will trust you more when you have taken time to address their issues. Place yourself in their shoes first, then provide them with the solution.


content-writingA good starting point for writing your own contents, or for letting us assist you with content writing, is to assume that your customers know little to nothing about your field of expertise. This provides the opportunity to explain all the knowledge, methods, and experience that goes into your business. Make sure people both understand what you are talking about and that they can feel your passion. Coming from this place shows humbleness and brings a personal voice into your communications. Free your information from jargon and bring the basics. The information which you, the expert, took for granted can now clarify issues for the lay person. It will be easier to trust you.


Creating unique text contents therefore is a complementary service to both website design as search engine optimization. The purpose of a website is to provide valuable information to your visitors. They need to recognize you as the expert in your field to request your services or purchase your products. Writing more high quality articles further serves to answer a wider range of search queries  that people type into the search engines.


To produce valuable as well as keyword focused information, we offer an effective five step con­tent writ­ing process. Starting with a face to face inter­view and a tran­scrip­tion of the record­ing, we can rewrite, for­mat, and opti­mize your basic and/or supplemental text contents for you.


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