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Until September 1, 2016, Hire us for Website Design and we create a free Facebook Business page to gain immediate online visibility.
Until September 1, 2016, Hire us for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we create a free Google My Business page to gain immediate search findability.

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Answer and check the questions of our free quote form. With your answers we formulate a proposal. The proposal will list all features and services which you requested. It will also explain work agreements and requirements. Once you print, sign, and return the proposal, it becomes our work contract.

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Free Consultation

Give us a call before or after filling out the quote form. Call us anytime if you have questions before committing to hire web designer, SEO specialist, and online service provider Bright Clear Design.  Call: 608-432-2325 or Skype: bastiaan.berende

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We offer two ways to pay. You decide.

One Time Purchase
Pay for the service in one or two installments. The only low additional yearly cost is for website hosting.

Pay a low set up fee and subscribe to a low monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. A subscription offers several advantages over the one time purchase. You pay a low set up fee. Hosting, support, and updates are included and every 24 months you can have us renew your website without paying another fee. The minimum subscription is 18 months.

Website Hosting

If you pay for website design as a one time purchase there is a small yearly cost for hosting.


You don’t have to pay until you fill out the quote form and sign the proposal. You can send check or money order by snail mail, or make a direct deposit. You can also pay through PayPal.

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