Content Writing

Many busi­ness­es locat­ed in your area try to be vis­i­ble amidst a myr­i­ad of signs and bill­boards, bulk paper adver­tis­ing and mail. Online, you have to get list­ed on main busi­ness direc­to­ries such as Yelp, White, Yel­low, and Super pages, Bet­ter Busi­ness Bureau, Ang­ie’s list and more. Poten­tial clients will think your busi­ness more cred­i­ble, pro­fes­sion­al, and trust­wor­thy with a pub­lished web­site. But even though you have a web­site, your main com­peti­tors will most like­ly have one too. Is it still suf­fi­cient to mere­ly list your prod­ucts, ser­vices, and con­tact infor­ma­tion? Or do you need to pro­vide addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion to attract a wider audi­ence?

Write your own contents

A good start­ing point for writ­ing your own con­tents, or for let­ting us assist you with con­tent writ­ing, is to assume that your cus­tomers know lit­tle to noth­ing about your field of exper­tise. This pro­vides the oppor­tu­ni­ty to explain all the knowl­edge, meth­ods, and expe­ri­ence that goes into your busi­ness. Make sure peo­ple both under­stand what you are talk­ing about and that they can feel your pas­sion. Com­ing from this place shows hum­ble­ness and brings a per­son­al voice into your com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Free your infor­ma­tion from jar­gon and bring the basics. The infor­ma­tion which you, the expert, took for grant­ed can now clar­i­fy issues for the lay per­son. It will be eas­i­er to trust you.

Cre­at­ing unique text con­tents there­fore is a  ser­vice that should be added to both web­site design as search engine opti­miza­tion. The pur­pose of a web­site is to pro­vide valu­able infor­ma­tion to your vis­i­tors. They need to rec­og­nize you as the expert in your field to request your ser­vices or pur­chase your prod­ucts. Writ­ing more high qual­i­ty arti­cles fur­ther serves to answer a wider range of search queries  that peo­ple type into the search engines.

Producing valuable information

To pro­duce valu­able as well as key­word focused infor­ma­tion, we offer an effec­tive five step con­tent writ­ing process. Start­ing with a face to face inter­view and a tran­scrip­tion of the record­ing, we can rewrite, for­mat, and opti­mize your basic and/or sup­ple­men­tal text con­tents for you.

The inter­net is syn­onym for the infor­ma­tion age, where con­tent is king. Peo­ple search the inter­net with desk­tops, lap tops, tablets, and smart phones. They search solu­tions to spe­cif­ic prob­lems and answers to urgent ques­tions. Most of these ‘searchers’ may have nev­er even heard of your busi­ness. And with that knowl­edge, a lot of infor­ma­tion on the web com­petes with yours. Mere­ly list­ing your name, address, phone num­ber, prod­uct and ser­vice may not be enough to attract peo­ple look­ing for answers. It may also not be enough to con­vince Google that you are the expert in your niche or busi­ness cat­e­go­ry.

Easy to understand

Peo­ple and search engines alike, want easy to under­stand con­tents which direct­ly deal with the issue typed into the search engine. So rather than list­ing facts and fea­tures, you have to meet your audi­ence and pro­vide the solu­tion to the prob­lems they are fac­ing. Through con­tent writ­ing, these poten­tial cus­tomers will know and feel that they came to the right place and hire your ser­vice or buy your prod­uct.

Peo­ple go on the inter­net to feel con­nect­ed with your mes­sage. Infor­ma­tion is best digest­ed when it is easy to read and pre­sent­ed in a per­son­al man­ner. It is impor­tant for them that you under­stand them and are famil­iar with their prob­lem. They will trust you more when you have tak­en time to address their issues. Place your­self in their shoes first, then pro­vide them with the solu­tion.